"It can't be for nothing"

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark in the hit HBO show, seems like a lock for The Last of Us movie, as she’s revealed that she’d “love” to play Ellie in the forthcoming silver screen adaptation. Sony recently confirmed that original writer Neil Druckmann will be working alongside Evil Dead’s Sam Raimi to bring the PlayStation exclusive to life – and speaking at a Comic-Con panel earlier in the year, the duo confirmed that it had talked to the 17-year-old actress about the role.

“There was a whole thing that went on Twitter [of fans suggesting me for the role]," the British star told IGN. “I didn’t know a lot about [the game]; I Googled it. Ashley Johnson – who did Ellie’s voice... [Fans] asked her what she thought of me, and she said, ‘That’s pretty much my dream.’ I don’t follow her, but I was silently stalking her, wondering what she thought of all this. And when I got my American agent and he said, ‘If there’s anything you want to do, let us know’ – America’s got such a can-do attitude – that was the first time that I came to him with anything.”

Her agent eventually setup a meeting with Druckmann and Raimi, and the duo asked her to moderate the aforementioned Comic-Con panel – but because she didn’t know much about the game, they also told her to get up to speed ahead of the event. “I was doing so much work for [Game of] Thrones that I didn’t want to half-arse do it, so I said that I’m not going to [moderate],” she continued. “So, the way that it was left is that they want me to do it, and I want to do it. But there’s no script, no director, and no anything else.”

She concluded: “At this moment, it’s looking like, ‘Yes,’ but it’s still such early days. If they make it in 30 years, they can’t have a 40-year-old Ellie. So, at the moment, it’s looking good, and I’d love to do it. Hell yeah!” Is there anyone else that you think would fit the role of the troubled teenager better? Do you think that this movie will ever actually get made? Are you disappointed that it’s looking like a mere re-telling of the game's story? Click as loud as you can in the comments section below.

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