Gaze deep into the texture

It may have been somewhat obvious, but that gameplay demo of The Order: 1886 that we see pop up every time Sony wants to show off the game is "ancient", according to Ready at Dawn CTO Andrea Pessino.

Kindly translated by, a tweet from the aforementioned developer states that "it’s an “ancient” build unfortunately – I can’t wait to show you more", when replying to a fan's impressions of the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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Indeed, we played the same demo of the upcoming shooter at this year's EGX, and wrote all about it through here. Despite clearly being an old build, it still looked rather gorgeous, so we can't wait to see how good it must look now. What would you like to see next from the Victorian adventure? More moustaches? A less scripted slice of gameplay? Dust yourself off in the comments section below.

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