Media Molecule wasn’t messing around when it said that Tearaway Unfolded would be more than just an average PlayStation 4 port. Unlike other titles that have made the jump to Sony’s next-gen machine, this looks like a brand new game – as is evidenced by the wide shot of Maple Field at the start of this EGX 2014 presentation.

During the first publicly released gameplay demo, director Rex Crowle reveals that many of the areas will be much bigger, and subsequently stashed with new quests and content for you to explore. This tidbit tallies with what we heard earlier in the year, when the developer mentioned that at least half of the release would be brand new.

And it’s not the only enormous difference either, as the Guildford-based outfit has completely reworked the major conceit of the game. Rather than play up the idea that you’re holding its papery landscape in your hands, it instead toys with the thought that everything’s taking place inside your television.

This means that objects can be fired outside of the screen and into your controller, where they’ll rattle and roll inside the DualShock 4. Firing them back into the world is how you’ll complete many of the puzzles, but you’ll also need to shine a light into your display and summon gusts of wind to progress through other parts.

To really hammer home the television aspect, the company is also considering incorporating sections where the volume will change – or the channel will change, presumably with fake television shows on the 'other side'. While it’s not quite as good as the whole world in your hands format of the original, it’s a creative solution to a challenging problem.

If you’ve played the original, there’s more good news in store, as the firm is looking at ways of rewarding double-dippers with some form of bonus content. You can check out the full presentation below, which is utterly adorable from start to finish. Bring your paper and Pritt Stick into the comments section, and let us know your thoughts.

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