Bloodborne Screen 03 Ps4 Us 10 Jun14

Our anticipation for Bloodborne has been growing steadily with each passing second, but it saw a massive spike when Sony revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for the title during its pre-TGS conference this morning. The painfully short clip shows off a handful of grandiose cutscenes, as well as some suitably bloodthirsty gameplay.

What's more, the firm also confirmed that the title will be releasing in Japan on 5th February. Presumably the western release won't be too far behind, which means that the first half of next year is shaping up to be quite busy for the PlayStation 4. Finally, the Japanese giant briefly mentioned a limited edition of the title, but didn't provide any concrete details.

How's your hype level for Bloodborne after watching this new trailer? Are you ready to explore its dark and twisting streets? Dodge roll into the comments section below.