Out for blood

While E3 2014's cinematic trailer for From Software's next PS4 project managed to portray the atmosphere and setting for Bloodborne in all of its gothic, grotesque glory, we finally have a more in-depth look at how the game actually plays, and thankfully, it looks quite a bit better than the leak that appeared months ago.

The new trailer highlights the more offensive style of gameplay from its spiritual predecessors, and also showcases subtle new additions to the changed combat. There's an emphasis on effectively interchanging between using your firearm and axe-like weapon, which seems to prove just as challenging as balancing between defensive and offensive stances in Dark Souls II. At one point in the trailer, you also see the protagonist attach his axe-like weapon to the end of a long, wooden shaft that's folded across his back, which effectively gives him a brutal-looking scythe. Perhaps there's an amount of customization that can be made in weapon load-outs?

To see more of the eerie yet impressive environments and some of the bigger baddies that you'll be sizing up to in Bloodborne, click on the video that we've embedded, and make sure to slice your way into the comments below and let us know if you're fond of the gameplay From Software is bringing with its latest project.