Here we are again

Rejoice, European block lovers, for today is finally the day that Minecraft digs its way onto the PlayStation 4. The title — barring another last minute delay — should emerge on the PlayStation Store after its usual weekly update.

The good news comes via Twitter, where PlayStation France confirmed that developer Mojang's immensely popular property is about to be unleashed on Sony's latest console. However, we still have no solid release date for the physical edition of the game, or a release date for North America. On top of that, it's also worth remembering that Europe's PlayStation Store updates are sometimes a little scattered due to the inclusion of so many different countries, meaning that the title still might avoid some locations for the time being.

Nevertheless, Minecraft on PS4 is happening — at least for some of us. Are you dying to punch some dirt on your expensive piece of hardware? Build a brand new adventure in the comments section below.

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