Walk in the park

According to Bungie, its latest game Destiny doesn’t, er, start until you've heard Paul McCartney sing. The developer reckons that the build up to Level 20 – and thus, its non-existent plot – is just the warm up for the title’s endgame, where you’ll find yourself repeating missions over and over in the hope of acquiring a decent piece of loot. Oh, and taking on raids which take 14 hours to beat.

Except these uber-hard missions can be completed much quicker than that, as this fierce Fireteam have proven by beating the 'Vault of Glass' in around two hours. Considering that the developer reckoned that it would take months for someone to complete the incredibly tedious romp in the stars, we reckon that there’ll be some sour faces in Bellevue right now.

Perhaps it’ll, y’know, coax the firm into creating some actually enjoyable endgame content instead, though?

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