Swanky artbook included

Even though it received a whopping 8/10 here at Push Square, Sleeping Dogs arrived on the PlayStation 3 as a Grand Theft Auto underdog. Following its free offering on PlayStation Plus, however, it quickly became a cult hit that many a gamer – including our staff – punched themselves for not discovering earlier. If you're one of those that hasn't given the brawler a whirl, though, you'll be able to this October according to retailer Amazon.com. Rather than being a standard placeholder, the listing shows off the Definitive Edition of the game, including the army of DLC that'll be released alongside it, and a pre-order exclusive art book.

Protagonist Wei Shen isn't your normal lowly street thug, but instead an upstanding officer of the law. Assigned to the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau in Hong Kong, he goes undercover to infiltrate a sizeable syndicate. Going crazy sandbox-style may sound a little odd for a respected constable, but you'll need to live two lives as a hardened member of the Triad and as a police officer, swapping between the careers as the game progresses. Do you think that this is a re-release that had to happen? Share your affiliation in the comments section below.

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