PS4 Project Morpheus

We weren’t expecting Project Morpheus to have a particularly big presence at this year’s E3 convention, but following the PlayStation 4 peripheral’s appearance on The Tonight Show in the United States, er, last night, we’re starting to change our opinion. Adding further fuel to that fire is the emergence of some artwork, which shows a monster donning the illuminating device.

The image was posted on NeoGAF as part of a thread involving several pieces of concept art that were curiously forwarded to a Rely on Horror scribe. They appear to hint at some form of Giger-esque escapade, with gruesome monsters and foreboding corridors. One alpha screenshot in particular shows a picture looking down the body of an alien creature, suggesting that you’ll play as one of these repugnant creatures.

That is if this isn’t all a great big hoax, of course. While the images do look legitimate, they could merely be taken from an artist’s portfolio, or even be the work of a virtual reality obsessed fan. While some poorly sourced speculation has attached Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer Sony Bend to the project, though, we think that this bears a closer resemblance to UK studio nDreams’ secret project.

One way or another, we suspect that the mystery will be fully unmasked next week in Los Angeles...