There has been plenty of speculation about co-op since Assassin's Creed Unity's banners were spotted decorating Los Angeles for E3. During Microsoft's press conference, it was confirmed that players will be able to form their own Brotherhood with three friends online. That means that no longer will you have to hang your head in shame at an elite squad of artificial intelligence assassins that can't fight their way out of a paper bag.

Our latest assassin is Arno, most likely one of the true causes of the French Revolution. Along with his murderous posse, the gameplay video demonstrated an assassination mission tackled in multiplayer. Following different routes through a highly occupied building, it opened up many possibilities, including being able to distract an enemy with one character while another goes in for the kill. All the paths managed to seamlessly link together for a stealthy end, so there was no need to burst through the same door like the Spanish Inquisition.

While this has tantalized our taste buds, make sure to check back in for more information when it's revealed at Ubisoft's press conference later today.