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It’s been nearing ten years since the PlayStation 3 launched, meaning that you’re likely to have aged considerably since the console deployed. As such, your PlayStation Network username may not be representative of your current personality – after all, nothing says mature adult quite like ‘xXBongoDongo69Xx’. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t allow you to change your alias, meaning that the only way that you can abandon your bad teenage humour is by discarding all of your Trophies and transactions, too. Alas, the platform holder is at least considering a solution.

A questionnaire spotted by VGXNetwork asks how appealing you’d find the ability to change your PSN ID. It also lists other potential upgrades, such as a player reputation system and advanced skill-based matchmaking. We must admit, the capacity to down vote the screaming children that pop up in Call of Duty: Ghosts sounds tantalising to say the least. Additional options include login notifications, an ‘Appear Offline’ status, and a message synchronisation feature across all of the Japanese giant’s flagship formats.

To be honest, we find all of the suggested upgrades appealing – but we doubt that anyone would argue against overall service improvements. However, is there anything in the above survey that particularly tickles your fancy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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