Ps4 Andvita

Sony marketing boss John Koller dropped all manner of bombs at a recent press event in Santa Monica, including the announcement that the platform holder has over 100 games in store for the PlayStation 4 in 2014. Most troubling, though, is the recent revelation that the company doesn't have any "firm plans" to release a PS4 and Vita bundle.

However, before you write this off as a complete troll, the big wig did note that his team had definitely been looking into the idea, if only as a potential option. "We certainly would look at it. I think that it's an interesting proposition," Koller said in a statement to Gamespot. "I like the idea personally of being able to put them together if not as a bundle but as a marketed experience point."

The executive stresses that while the Japanese giant wants to position the handheld as a valuable companion to its console counterpart, it's equally committed to selling the system on its own merits. "So Vita we think fits very, very well as a companion device for the PS4," he continued. "But, I stop there because I want to make sure that the Vita retains the beauty of what makes the Vita the Vita. And that's that it's got its own unique kind of bespoke games."

While we can appreciate his point, we really think that, at the moment, a timely bundle would do wonders for the beleaguered portable. The handheld's sales saw a significant jump when Sony's next-gen marvel launched, so it stands to reason that shipping the two together would, at the very least, generate some much needed interest. Would you consider picking up a PS4 and Vita bundle? Do you see this as a potentially problematic move for Sony? Let us know in the comments section below.