Sure to revitalise interest

The PlayStation Vita has a pretty severe case of Wii U syndrome. It has a small and intensely loyal fan base, but can't quite seem to crack a larger market. This is mostly because, as with Nintendo's struggling home console, the appeal of the Vita is very difficult to appreciate until you actually have one in your hands.

However, Sony's long beleaguered handheld is now starting to pick up the pace, especially in Japan, and to further this end, the company has released this short video to help inform potential buyers of all of the many and varied reasons that they should take the plunge. It's a neat, if slightly bland, piece of marketing, but it does seem a little curious that it makes no mention of the recently announced streaming service PlayStation Now. We're almost certain that having access to three generations' worth of games would be a pretty major selling point. Are you already a happy Vita convert, or are you waiting for a better bundle? Scream and shout in the comments section below.