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No Heroes Allowed may not invoke many memories, but you may remember the niche PSP dungeon builder Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, What did I do to deserve this?, and although their titles may be different, they are indeed a part of the same family of weirdly wonderful games, with the freshly announced No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! for the PS Vita being the newest member.

In the 8-bit styled series, the God of Destruction fends off waves of bright-eyed heroes as they set off on their epic quest to claim his head. Rather than strategically mapping dungeons to trap our clueless adventurers, players will be fighting their foes by matching monsters to summon upon their unsuspecting victims. The genre switch is unexpected, but still strives to keep the core concept of the franchise intact. You won't have to wait long to lend a helping hand to the dark side, either, as the title is expected to launch for free this Spring. Is this a dream come true, or a potential deal with the devil? Share your dastardly plans in the comments section below.

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