Killzone: Shadow Fall

Fresh from announcing some staggering sales figures, Guerrilla Games has reiterated that it’s far from finished updating its PlayStation 4 exclusive first-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall. And in preparation for the free multiplayer maps and co-op component that’s on the horizon, the Dutch developer has deployed a brand new patch, which makes a handful of noteworthy tweaks to the next-gen title.

For starters, you can now choose to lock the release’s framerate in the options menu, providing a smoother experience in the single player campaign. With the feature disabled, the title jumps between 30 frames-per-second and 35 frames-per-second, but this update will keep the experience steady at the former figure, meaning that you won’t notice any judder. The multiplayer will still run at an unlocked 60 frames-per-second.

Other updates include the ability to create and manage clans, as well as improvements to the Warzone interface. Slightly more minor tweaks encompass the implementation of additional save points throughout the solo adventure, meaning that you won’t end up losing your progress if you shut down the game mid-level, as well as an exploit attached to the VC30. As always, the patch will download automatically if you leave your console in standby mode. Are you happy with these fixes? Fire a thought in the comments section below.