PlayStation 4

If you happen to spot a clip of Killzone: Shadow Fall while watching Hollyoaks next week know that it’s part of a massive promotional campaign Sony’s running on Channel 4 in the build up to the PlayStation 4’s UK launch. The Drum reports that the platform holder has teamed up with the broadcaster to create a sequence of short advertisements inspired by the station’s famous on-air idents.

For those out of the loop, for years now the channel has transmitted scenes that show the number four in various unexpected places between shows. These may involve a unique perspective on a set of pylons, for example, or other similar scenarios. Next week, however, the station will run ‘blipverts’ for the abovementioned first-person shooter and DriveClub. These have been created in conjunction with developers Guerrilla Games and Evolution Studios.

Viewers will also be encouraged to tune-in on 29th November and the subsequent weekend to participate in a slew of competitions, which will run during key shows such as Charlie Brooker’s video games documentary. This will all tie into a nifty online website, encouraging spectators to ‘Crack the Code’ in order to win consoles and games. The final advertisement break in next Sunday night’s episode of Homeland will be taken over completely by the PS4, with the manufacturer running the #4ThePlayers short film from earlier in the year. Nifty, huh?