If last week’s ‘Perfect Day’ commercial didn’t get you suitably hyped for the release of the PlayStation 4 next month, then this PlayStation Access video should do the trick. Dubbed ‘For the Players’, the poignant clip depicts almost two decades’ worth of PlayStation gaming from the perspective of a London flat.

As the skyline changes in the background of the video, so too do the posters, decorations, and, of course, consoles in the gamer’s bedroom. Sony actually collaborated with various companies to make the short historically accurate – the Domino's Pizza boxes from the 1995 section, for example, are the ones that the firm actually used at the time.

“In terms of the film, each section is representative of the whole era; lots of details, even down to the dates on the ticket stubs, the magazines, and the electronics, help to bring this piece to life,” community manager Hollie Bennett explained. “As we move into the PS4, the bike, the clothes, and many of the items that haven’t actually been released yet help us to look to the future.”

The video was certainly successful in sending a tingle of nostalgia down our spine, and it really reinforces the platform holder’s desire to target the core gamer. PlayStation, as a brand, is now reaching that point where it has a lot cultural appeal – many of us have grown up with it – and clips like this really help to emphasise that.

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