Yup, that's a Gundam-esque robot

Tony Hawk may be weeping into his oversized skateboard peripheral as we type, but that’s not stopping British indie Roll7 from capitalising on the superstar’s video game nosedive. While it may not be garnering as much press as it deserves, OlliOlli is actually one of the more addictive titles that we’ve played on the PlayStation Vita.

In essence, the title is a side-scrolling skateboarding game, but it’s anchored by a clever twist which requires you to tap a button in order to land your tricks. Time it just right and you’ll earn some enormous scores, but miss it and you’ll be eating the dirt faster than you can say “skate or die”. It’s simple, but ridiculously moreish.

Of course, the developer is actually building a game on top of these basic mechanics, too. In addition to Spot Mode – which will see you competing against the globe to perform the best possible trick runs – and the Daily Grind – which will give you one opportunity to set a high score on a random track – the team is also including a full campaign.

Boasting fifty levels across five different environments, the Career Mode will reward you for passing score thresholds, collecting items, and abiding to very specific criteria. Complete the five challenges on each Amateur stage and you’ll unlock the Pro difficulty, which will test your finger flicking fidelity to the absolute max.

There’s a full developer walkthrough embedded below which should give you a clearer idea of how the game's structured. The studio’s not confirmed a launch date just yet, but hopefully it’s not too far away at this point. Are you willing to dig out your old New York Yankees cap and give this go? Kickflip the comments section to let us know.

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