Roll7’s side scrolling skater simulation OlliOlli may not officially be a part of Sony’s indie Pub Fund initiative, but the manufacturer is paying for the PlayStation Vita platformer’s development all the same. Company director Thomas Hegarty confirmed the snippet in an interview with Joystiq, adding that the studio will retain all rights to the intellectual property.

The game itself sees you getting tricky in a simplistic two-dimensional world. The title’s big twist revolves around the fact that you actually have to land your tricks; if you fail to tap the X button when you’re about to make contact with the ground, you’ll bail like a big girl’s blouse. The later you leave it, though, the more points that you’ll score.

In addition to copious tricks and stages, the release will boast a “daily grind mode”, which will see you attempting to execute a perfect run in a single effort. You’ll be able to practice as many times as you like, but if you fluff your final run, you won’t get another chance for 24 hours. Sounds like a tense slice of leaderboard action to us.

[source joystiq.com]