Only one person is excited by this

Square Enix seems intent on scuppering Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s chances. Despite early indications suggesting that the game is actually, y’know, quite good, the Japanese publisher has announced that Vanille – otherwise known as the worst character ever – will be making a comeback. The disastrous revelation was made in the latest issue of Japan’s popular Jump magazine, in which the pink haired heroine is shown wearing a ridiculous headdress.

For those not up to speed with the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga, the Australian teenybopper turned into a crystal along with her equally irritating associate Fang at the end of Final Fantasy XIII. How’s the team going to work its way around that one? Who cares – we’re more baffled by the fact that the developer thought that this was a character worth revisiting. We suppose that she does have nice anime eyes...

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