The Playroom

Sony wasn’t messing around when it admitted that it wanted to expand bundled augmented reality technology demo The Playroom. Speaking at a PAX Prime 2013 panel overnight, Sony’s chief of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes confirmed that Double Fine – the developer behind weird Kinect minigame compilation Happy Action Theatre – is working on DLC for the game. Like the release itself, the added content will be free.

While its longevity is admittedly limited, we fell in love with The Playroom during a hands-on demo earlier in the year. The application – which was originally produced as an internal test for the new PlayStation Eye – features some really fun minigames, including arguably the best version of Pong that we’ve ever played. We’re really eager to see what Tim Schafer and crew come up with – especially seeing as it will only cost the price of the camera itself to find out.