Throwing the horns

The path to success apparently includes underdressed females with fangs. We’re not prudes, but we can’t help but feel let down by Tekken Revolution’s latest fighter. The character – the culmination of a poll on the franchise’s Facebook page – is currently dubbed ‘Female Vampire’, and represents a lady with roses around her ankles and horns. Who buried creativity in the back garden?

In truth, the blame doesn’t really lie at Namco Bandai’s feet. As already alluded, this is the result of a fan vote, in which other proposed protagonists included a ‘Giant Praying Mantis’. Incredibly, the insect finished right at the bottom of the poll, behind ‘Sexy Zombie Bride’ and ‘Sexy Female Tekken Force’. Sigh.

The new blood sucking brawler will be added to the free-to-play release’s roster later this year. The publisher’s also planning a significant update imminently (today in Europe), which will include a practice mode, new playable characters, and more.

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