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From getting mauled by zombies to falling awkwardly to your death, there are plenty of ways to bite the dust if you’re a delicate newcomer to the world of Terraria. With the game’s recent arrival on the PlayStation Network, we thought it might be a good idea to jot down some tips that may help if you’re fresh to this deceptively deep 2D adventure.

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Build shelter

This is possibly the most important tip we can offer if you don’t want to get torn to shreds by the numerous enemies that appear when night falls. Fortunately, making yourself a cosy little home is relatively easy – just grab some wood from chopping down a tree or even some dirt blocks from digging into the ground, and slap them together like LEGO bricks. Just make sure that the walls are of a height that you can’t jump over, so that monsters aren't able to vault into your humble abode.

It’s also practical to build shelter near your initial spawn point, as this will continue to be your place of resurrection until you can craft a snug, silky bed. And if you’re against building a house in the traditional sense, you can always adopt a more simple approach and tunnel your way underground, blocking up the entrance with materials.

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Don’t stray too far

It’s certainly tempting to run and jump across the entirety of your world from the word go, but it usually isn't a good idea. Despite its cutesy look, Terraria is packed full of things that would like nothing more than to kill you – and straying further and further from your spawn point gives rise to stronger and stronger fiends.

Enemy strength must also be taken into account when mining, as the deeper into the ground that you go, the more likely it is that’ll you’ll encounter beasts far beyond your capabilities. It’s best, therefore, to explore your immediate area before moving on, stripping it of materials that you need and crafting useful items that will help you gain a foothold in terms of survival.

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Craft the things you need, not the things you necessarily want

The plethora of weapons and armour available in Terraria provide good incentive to gather as many materials as you possibly can, but near the beginning of the game you’ll be better off crafting the necessities of progression. Tools like pickaxes and hammers should be your priority, as better versions of each will allow you to gather raw materials faster, which in turn will give you access to even better equipment at a quicker pace.

Of course, it can be difficult to turn down a lovely new sword in favour of creating a standard workbench, but the latter will ultimately serve as a much better investment. The same can also be true of smaller, more common items. Torches, for example, are extremely handy as they can be used to light up dark mining tunnels or illuminate areas during nightfall. Be sure to maintain a steady supply of any gear that appears to be instantly helpful.

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Watch out for environmental dangers

With all of the monsters roaming around, no one could blame you for accidentally falling into a gigantic chasm. Unfortunately for impatient adventurers, this scenario could potentially become a common occurrence, leading to some not-so-glorious deaths upon hitting solid rock after a three hundred foot fall. While plummeting into the depths of Terraria is no doubt dangerous, it’s worth pointing out that it can also be a necessary action when it comes to treasure hunting. Just make sure that you can survive the drop – or at least build some stairs on the way down.

Aside from fatal falls, it’s also best to avoid large bodies of water during your early exploits. Without flippers, you won’t be able to swim back to the surface for air, prompting a desperately sad display of hopeless underwater jumping as your character sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss.

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Be patient

You won’t always be stuck mining under the same patch of land and chopping down the same woodland forever, despite what the game’s initial pace may relay. But every grand journey has to start somewhere, and you’ll be wielding ridiculously large swords and wearing badass armour in less time than you think.

Just remember to pace yourself – there’s no rush, and slowly building up your resources will benefit you in the long run. If you find yourself lacking in terms of inventory space, craft some chests to store all of your spoils in. Meanwhile, if you’re being harassed by a particular gang of monsters, make a deadly new blade and teach them a lesson. It’s all about solving each problem as it comes, not trying to fulfil every requirement at once.

Are you a Terraria veteran with your own valuable hints and tips? Feel free to share your secrets in the comments section below.

[Special thanks to GRIFFEN14 for his Terraria expertise]