PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale wasn’t always a fighting game. Chatting with Siliconera, lead designer Omar Kendall revealed that the mascot mash-up went through a number of prototypes before settling on the final format that you see today.

“There were all sorts of little gameplay demos and prototypes,” Kendall recalled, “The last version of the game before we settled on the current incarnation was this 4v4 capture the flag kind of game.

“It was a class based game where you had fast runners who were good at capturing the flag and taking the flag back to base. You had defensive dudes. We were taking PlayStation characters and using them like archetypes.”

The prototype naturally evolved into a brawler, which is when developer SuperBot Entertainment started expanding its team with fighting game veterans. We quite like the idea of a capture the flag title based on PlayStation protagonists – but we reckon the current concept is far more accessible.