You know you want it

There’s nothing particularly original about this enormous BioShock Infinite collector’s edition, but it still somehow manages to look incredible. The premium bundle – entitled the Ultimate Songbird Edition – includes an amazing statue designed by Irrational Games’ concept artist Robb Waters, who previously brought characters such as the Little Sister to life.

The statue comes with a 64 page Art of Columbia book, a 25mm resin-cast Handyman figure, a lithograph depicting propaganda for Devil's Kiss, a Murder of Crows bottle replica keychain, a digital soundtrack, and three exclusive in-game power-ups. You’ll also get a unique dynamic theme.

If you want all of the aforementioned goodies without the statue, you’ll be able to purchase that as part of the Premium Edition. The latter will retail for $79.99 in North America, while the Ultimate Songbird Edition will cost $149.99. Both packages will be available in limited numbers, so if you want one, we recommend pre-ordering now. Go on – we’ll wait.

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