Dokuro may be a puzzle-platformer with an innovative hand-drawn art style on the surface, but it has a relatable metaphor concealed within. The PlayStation Vita exclusive tells the tale of a skeleton man who falls in love with a princess. The problem is, the aforementioned heir has been captured by the protagonist’s boss, the Dark Lord. Fuelled by passion, the bony hero resolves to rescue the princess – even though she can’t see who her saviour is. Cute premise, huh?

This all leads to a gameplay mechanic a little bit like Lemmings or Krusty’s Fun House, where you must guide the absent-minded princess through all manner of hazards to progress through the game. Throughout, you’ll unlock new powers, such as the ability to attack enemies and even interact directly with the world via the Vita’s touch screen.

The game’s due out next month in North America as a PSN exclusive. There’s no word on a European release date just yet, but it's definitely heading overseas. Let us know if you’re interested in the comments section below.