New threats

The last thing you want when you escape from a tropical island inhabited by the undead is to get shipwrecked on the same infected archipelago during your daring escape – but that’s exactly what happens in Dead Island: Riptide. The spin-off – not sequel – will feature the same four survivors from the original game, as they’re forced to confront the undead in familiar surroundings all over again.

Don’t expect the exact same locations, however – Banoi has been ravaged by a deadly monsoon, and you’ll need to think on your feet in order to survive. Boats will be a necessity, as you attempt to traverse the flooded world. There’ll also be a dynamic weather system adding to the inclement theme.

The original cast will be joined by an additional character with a mysterious skill set. There’ll also be a new defence mechanic, which will challenge you to fortify strongholds and protect them.

The original Dead Island showed immense promise, but was ultimately let down by bugs and glitches. Let’s hope this title fixes most of our issues with the original game.