You've got to take this lot out with a tin of paint

Upcoming murder simulator Hitman: Absolution will feature an asynchronous multiplayer mode named Contracts, developer IO Interactive has announced. Inspired by the custom challenges created by fans of the previous games, the mode will allow you to direct your own scenarios by playing missions – and then upload your custom challenges to the title’s online servers. Other players will then be able to attempt your contracts, and try to complete them in a faster time for in-game money.

To create a contract, all you’ll need to do is choose a level, load-out and outfit. From there, you’ll be able to select up to three different targets from within the world, which you must assassinate in order to create the challenge. Assuming you're successful, your unique mission conditions will be uploaded to the Hitman servers, allowing other players to attempt to replicate your steps.

Completing other players' contracts will reward you with in-game currency. This can then be invested into new disguises, weapons and upgrades. Some of the best challenges will be promoted by developer IO Interactive, and the studio will be uploading its own missions too.

The mode will be playable at GamesCom later this week, but the developer has promised to release a video outlining the feature tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your reaction to the announcement in the comments section below.