Show us your new skills, Dovahkiin

There are numerous minor bug fixes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s latest software update, but the most notable improvements come in the form of new kill cameras for projectile weapons and fresh animations for melee attacks.

Anyone that’s spent more than 20 hours traipsing the city of Winterhold will know how repetitive the combat in Skyrim can get. Let's hope these cinematic updates breathe new life into the epic RPG.

For those of you that suffer from crashes after updating the game, there’s an easy fix for this: simply delete the game's entry from the XMB’s “Game Data Utility”. This will not remove any saved information, but should resolve any crashing issues. You will need to wait for the game to reinstall once you load it back up.

For the full list of updates and bug fixes, turn your attention to the Bethesda Blog.