"Try out my new level or I'll zap you"

Sucker Punch’s attempts to introduce user generated content into inFamous 2 were certainly well realised, but in a post mortem at GDC, co-founder Chris Zimmerman has revealed that the title may not have been the best fit for the features.

As part of his presentation, Zimmerman stated that just 15% of inFamous 2 players actually tried a user generated level, and only 5% spent time making one.

He continued:

Third-person action adventure might not be the best genre to do user-generated content in.

Zimmerman added that Sucker Punch could have done a better job of promoting user content, with the title’s broken search system not helping matters at launch. He explained that those players that had a bad initial experience with user generated content would not be compelled to try another level.

Did you mess around with inFamous 2’s user generated content features or did you ignore it like the vast majority?

[source gameinformer.com]