Netflix came to the UK PlayStation 3 recently but if you've been jealously eyeing up the selection enjoyed by your friends over the pond, salvation is at hand.

Connecting your PS3 to the US Netflix library is unbelievably easy, and we're here to tell you how.

First things first: this only works if you're connecting wirelessly through a modem or router. If you're using a wired connection, you won't be able to access the US service.

Also note that this guide is presented for informative purposes only: Push Square takes no responsibility for any adverse effects to your account, PS3 or general happiness that may occur as a result of you intentionally changing your PS3's DNS settings. Do so at your own risk.

1. Download Netflix.

You can find Netflix in the PlayStation Store's Apps section. It should only take a few minutes to download and install.

2. Load Netflix

The app will ask if you're already a member; if not, you can sign up to get a free month's trial. If you already have a UK Netflix account, enter your details and log in; you'll see the standard UK Netflix.

3. Changing Your DNS Settings

Quit out of Netflix and go to your XMB > Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings. Again, remember this only works if you're using a wireless connection.

Press OK then highlight Custom: this will allow you to change specific details of your existing connection easily.

Scroll to the right, leaving all settings untouched, until you get to DNS Setting. Select Manual and enter the following:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Once you've done that, press right and skip through the other options screens until you can test your connection. Proceed with the connection test and wait for it to complete.

4. Turn Your PS3 Off

5. Turn Your PS3 On

Nice easy steps.

6. Open Netflix

If you've followed these steps exactly you should log in to your PSN account automatically and be able to open Netflix. Once the application is loaded you should see the content on offer is very different to what's available in the UK.

The best part is you don't need to set up a US account to use the US Netflix service: if you pay for the UK service, you can use the US Netflix at no extra cost.