Can I transfer media from my PC to my PS Vita?

Yes. But you'll have to download Sony's Content Manager to do so, which is also now available for Mac.

Can PS Vita play Game Archives (PS One, PC-Engine / Turbografx 16, etc.)?

No. Not at launch, at least. However, Sony may certainly enable the functionality later.

Can I transfer media from my PS3 to my PS Vita?

Yes, photos, music and videos.

Can I transfer games from my PS3 to my PS Vita?

Yes, as long as you have the PSN account that purchased the game linked to the handheld.

Is the UMD transfer programme coming to Europe and North America?

Sony confirmed the program won't be reaching North America, and Sony Europe has yet to say either way, so don't go selling your old PSP just yet.

Is the PlayStation Vita region locked?

Like the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita is region free, meaning you'll be able to import and play PS Vita game cards on any system regardless of the region you purchased the handheld from.

Does the PlayStation Vita allow access to multiple PlayStation Network accounts?

Yes, you will be able to access multiple PSN accounts on the PlayStation Vita, but you'll need to jump through a few hoops to do so. Unlike the PlayStation 3, each PlayStation Network account will be bonded to its own memory card. In order to switch accounts, you'll need to swap out the memory cards and reformat the system's factory settings.

Will digitally downloaded PlayStation Vita titles carry a discount?

Sony's confirmed that PlayStation Vita titles purchased from the PlayStation Store in North America will carry a discount, but has yet to specify by how much. Early examples appear to carry a 5 - 10 per cent discount over their retail counterparts. Sony Europe has yet to comment either way.

What is PlayStation Vita's Near application?

Near is the PlayStation Vita's location based social network application. The program uses the system's Wi-Fi or 3G connection to show a visual representation of nearby players. Users can leave "in-game" items in the environment, which can be collected when visited by other players.

Do I have to buy a Memory Card?

Yes. Many PS Vita games cannot even launch without a memory card installed, and if you plan on using more than one PSN account on the system, each account must by regulated to a separate card.

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