We absolutely cannot wait to see what Quantic Dream luminary David Cage has in store for us next.

Develop's reporting that the French studio is to showcase its new technology at a 60-minute GDC lecture in March. The demonstration will be anchored by co-CEO David Cage, and will "examine virtual actors, performance capture and art direction as well as present a tech demo to the public for the first time".

Way back in 2006, Cage offered our first glimpse of Heavy Rain with the thoroughly impressive Casting demo. Fingers-crossed this GDC talk provides us with a similar snap-shot of the future.

Fittingly, Cage pledges to explore "how real time technologies can be used to create emotion" which is something the outspoken game director talked about heavily around the release of Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream is believed to be working on two projects with platform holder, Sony. Rumours last year pointed to a project called Infraworld, though Quantic Dream has been understandably tight-lipped about its future plans.

[source vg247.com]