MLB 12: The Show will be playable at home and on the go.

Just imagine being able to take your FIFA season on the go when you're out and about, and then upload it back to your PS3 when you're at home.

In order for the functionality to take off, someone needs to set a precedent — and thankfully that's going to be Sony with MLB 12: The Show. The game — which is set to launch early next year — will include the option to share saves between the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game utilising the cloud.

Sadly cross-platform multiplayer won't be present for this year's iteration of The Show, but Sony's promised it will look into it for future versions of the critically acclaimed baseball sim.

Multiplayer aside though, MLB 12: The Show will be functionally identical on both systems. The portable version of the game will boast shorter play-sessions in order to better suit the platform, but otherwise they will be exactly alike.

On a gameplay level, MLB 12: The Show's big objective this year is to ramp up the franchise's presentation.

“We’re trying to blur the lines between baseball simulation on your PS3 and what you’d see on MLB.TV sitting on your couch. When a batter strikes out, the camera will cut and you will see his face, his anger,” explained community manager Ramone Russell on the PlayStation Blog.

“You’ll hear more season-specific commentary, more conversation pieces. The commentators are going to talk about the MVP race, the Cy Young race, the series that you played in two days before. They’re going to talk about how your pitcher is having an awful year because he’s 5 and 15.”

Developer Sony San Diego is also promising a "really, really innovative" multiplayer mode which is unlike anything seen in a sports game before. That's set to be unveiled at a later date.

[Thanks PlayStation Blog]