DiRT Showdown's promising an 'arcade' twist on Codemasters' traditional rally experience.

Codemasters has announced the latest instalment in its off-road rally series, DiRT Showdown, and it's heading in a different direction to what you might be familiar with.

The game's pitched as "an arcade-style spin-off" that takes the extreme-sports elements from DiRT 2, layers on the Gymkhana events from DiRT 3, and stirs in a helping of Destruction Derby just for fun. Basically all the bits we didn't like from previous releases. Hooray?

According to GameSpot the game features three different types of racing, online multiplayer for up to eight players, and a two-player split-screen mode. It'll also feature Need For Speed inspired Autolog challenges that let you compete with your friends.

The game's said to boast "a simpler arcade feel that should make keeping your car on the track and performing outrageous stunts much easier". We can already taste the Internet rage.

You can watch the game's debut trailer over on GameSpot.