Despite solid reviews, the XBOX 360 version of the game famously bombed at retail earlier in the year. A PlayStation 3 release is planned later this month, with most retailers offering the game at a sub £20 price-point.

“It’s a great product, but we didn’t sell as many copies as we hoped, obviously,” he said. “And that’s a shame, because the game is great and deserves recognition. I just think your more mainstream consumer – a lot of the Kinect people are – haven’t quite figured out what that experience is, so we continue to get great reviews and not a lot of sales at retail, but Microsoft saw that as an opportunity, took it and put it in with Kinect [the game will be offered as part of a new Kinect bundle].”

We suspect a PlayStation Network version of the game would blow up for Ubisoft. It'd certainly secure an additional jolt of sales at the right price. Even though it doesn't sound like the publisher is considering a digital release right now, we'd be surprised if it didn't come eventually.