If you want to download (or even save) games, you'll need to buy some extra storage. It's the most disappointing PlayStation Vita announcement thus far — even an included 1GB card would have been welcome.

Memory sticks will range from 4GB to 32GB iterations, costing from ¥2,200 ($28) through to ¥9,500 ($123).  8GB and 16GB cards will also be available at ¥3,200 ($40) and ¥5,500 ($70) respectively. In short: make sure you put some extra money aside when saving up for the Vita.

Other peripherals available at launch include a charging cradle for ¥2,800 ($36), some inner-ear phones for ¥2,800 ($36), a protection film for ¥800 ($10), a card case for ¥600 ($7), various storage pouches from ¥1,800 ($23) and much more. Sony also revealed car adapters and portable chargers would follow after release.

Andriasang's got images of all the goodies.