End bosses make up much of our favourite video game moments, so a title like Malicious — which is composed almost entirely of boss battles — certainly piques our interest.

The game is already out in Japan as a downloadable PS3 title, but will be making its way to Vita as well. The game currently sells for a mere 800 Yen (about $10), but the Vita port promises to pack in more content than the original, so pricing may change.

Gameplay revolves around hacking and slashing enemies with the main character's cape, which apparently can transform into a giant sword. It all looks very Bayonetta. We've gone ahead and posted a trailer for the game below to give you a taste of the action.

Even if the game never makes it to North America or Europe, you may want to dust off those Japanese PSN accounts. Malicious' gameplay seems pretty import-friendly, for as we all know, the language of boss fights is universal — beat them up.

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