Lexis Numerique's Amy Sounds Extremely Promising.

"If you’re into new survival-horror experiences, this post is for you," the company wrote. Sold.

Regular readers will know we are big fans of survival horror titles, frequently posting about our love affair with the Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Siren franchises, but we're totally ready for something fresh too.

Amy is being worked on by Paul Cuisset, who is famous for his work on Flashback. With Amy, Cuisset's hoping to bring innovative concepts to the PS3 with "a new development philosophy that bridges the gap between innovative indie PSN games and very ambitious Blu-ray titles". Guys, we already said we were sold. You can stop now.

"The story begins on a rainy December day in 2034. Global warming is in full swing, spreading diseases and natural disasters all around the world. You play as Lana, a character who regains consciousness following a comet impact in the small town of Silver City. Upon awakening, you discover that Silver City has descended into chaos. Violence, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world you knew has been torn to Hell," Lexis Numerique explained.

"Struck by a mysterious virus, most of the townspeople have transformed into gruesome creatures and now prowl the streets as a wild horde. You’re wounded and you know you must escape, but you’re infected and the viral process has already begun: Hell is now pumping through your veins. There are only two ways to survive the infection. One is by locating special medical equipment found on the corpses of soldiers who have invaded Silver City. The other lies with Amy."

Sticking close to Amy stops the contamination of the virus, and even temporarily heals the infection. Naturally with such talents "infected humans, grisly creatures, Special Forces combatants and even other survivors" are after you. Thus you must rely on each other to survive.

It's a neat dynamic that draws some inspiration from the likes of ICO. For example, holding R1 will allow you to clutch Amy's hand just as you did with Yorda. What's impressive that when you clutch Amy's hand, you can feel the girl's heartbeat through the rumble of the DualShock controller. That allows you to detect her stress level, and understand if you are near danger or not. Magic.

The game's overall aim is to make you feel vulnerable, which is the way all good survival horror games should feel. Neither of the characters are able to fight or defend themselves particularly well, meaning you'll spend much of the campaign helplessly fumbling through the environments desperately searching for a way to extract the characters.

Check out the teaser trailer after the jump which demonstrates the game's visuals. We're super excited for this game, and can't wait for its Summer release.

There's more information on the PlayStation Blog.