Resistance Retribution Will Be Optimised For NGP Alongside The PSN's Entire Catalogue Of PSP Titles.

you would have switched to purchasing all your PSP games via the PlayStation Network a long time ago. It was clear a few years back that Sony was making the switch towards digital downloads for its PSP releases.

If you made the jump, then you're well prepared for the NGP. Sony has confirmed that its new handheld platform will support the PlayStation Network's entire library of PSP content. But not only that, it will also optimise all those experiences for the NGP's dual-analogue sticks and sharper screen.

Sony Bend's Resistance Retribution, for example, will now be playable using the NGP's second control-stick as a method for controlling the game's camera. So a great game, just got better with the NGP.

While some will be disappointed at the lack of support for their UMD collection, newcomers to the NGP will be delighted with the enormous collection of content on offer for Sony's new system out of the gate. Hopefully this encourages developers of current PSP titles to release PSN versions in the future too.