A puddle inside someone, perhaps

A water-based puzzle game with motion controls will sound familiar to readers of our sister site Nintendo Life, as last year saw the excellent Fluidity/Hydroventure on WiiWare. Now Konami is set to bring a title that looks similar on the surface to PlayStation Move: Puddle.

Like Fluidity, you use your motion controller — in this case Move — to tilt the level around, with the water reacting realistically to its environment. Unlike the WiiWare title, however, you're not controlling the water directly, so there's no jumping or clumping together: the water only reacts when you tilt the world.

Whereas Fluidity dabbled with the three states of water — vapour, liquid and solid, of course — in some levels Puddle switches out the water entirely, putting you in control of a stream of lava that must stay away from jets of cold air and steer towards hot forges to keep its temperature up.

Puddle certainly sounds like an interesting downloadable title for Move, hopefully joining other PSN puzzlers such as Tumble in the higher ranks of the Movemodo review tree.

[source joystiq.com]