From where we're sitting, it's unfair. Insomniac has been one of the strongest supporters of the PlayStation platform for years, and none of that goodwill should evaporate just because it's going to release a game on the XBOX 360. After all, let's not forget Insomniac's new game is coming to the PlayStation 3 too. More Insomniac content is good news, exclusive or not.

We suspect much of the disappointment comes from fans worrying that Insomniac is going to leave them behind — which we suppose is understandable. But gaffer Ted Price says that's never going to happen; Insomniac "loves" us apparently.

“We recognise we have a very loyal fanbase among Sony players, and we love them,” Ted Price told Eurogamer.

“We’re definitely dedicated to them. However, we’ve always wanted to reach out to an even broader audience. The Xbox 360 audience has been a viable, vibrant audience for a long time. This was just a chance to do that.”

Despite the company's new multiplatform status, Insomniac is going to continue to work with Sony on new projects.

“We’ve loved having Sony as a partner for many years, and we’re continuing to work with Sony. However, Sony owns the IP. That’s great. We’ve wanted to be able to control our destiny a little bit more in a more solid way. Owning one’s IP gives you even more latitude when it comes to how your IP is taken beyond games.”

We suspect that means Insomniac will continue making Ratchet and Resistance titles for Sony, but anything new will release on multiple systems. That's fair.

The company announced a new co-op shooter called Overstrike during EA's press conference on Monday. You can find out more about that through here.