It supports smaller developers getting to grips with the PlayStation hardware, and has an input in second-party development. In short: while Sony Santa Monica might have eight games at E3, not all of them will be developed by the God Of War team.

That's still eight presumably top-notch PlayStation titles on the way though. Sony Santa Monica's tech-boss, Tim Moss revealed the news via Twitter: "[Santa Monica Studio] has 8 games from our talented external teams at E3 this year. A load of devs worked really hard the last few weeks," he said.

Replying to a query about what games will be shown, Moss added: “[Eat, Sleep, Play's] Twisted Metal, [Lightbox's] Starhawk, Sound Shapes, [thatgamecompany's] Journey [and] 4 others that are not yet announced.”

Earlier this morning Forbes hinted at a new God Of War game set to be announced during Sony's E3 press conference this evening. Our predictions for the other three titles? Sorcery, PixelJunk NGP and... Well we're drawing blanks. Any suggestions?