In a recent interview of Android developers by Fone Home, a mobile phone site, various development studios talked about the current power of Sony’s long awaited “Playstation Phone,” the Xperia Play, and what kind of future the gaming phone holds in Sony’s portfolio.

The handheld currently houses a single core processor, but like any good phone, that power will likely be upgraded in the next model of the phone.

Nigel Little, managing director of Android sport games devs Distinctive Developments says that he thinks the phone will eventually have a double core, and may even, in time, catch up to the power housed in the PlayStation NGP. This would allow games to be specifically crated to be playable on both devices and distributed on PlayStation Suite, Sony’s Adroid- based distribution service.

These specs are pretty much the same as the proposed NGP, so it wouldn’t be impossible for the next generation Xperia Play to be able to play the same games as the NGP. From a technical standpoint I can’t see any reason why this can’t be done and I hope Sony and Sony Ericsson have the will to make it happen.

The NGP will already be able to play any game released for Xperia thanks to PlayStation Suite, but will the reverse become a reality as well? Even if the Xperia never catches all the way up to the NGP, it will likely come close, paving the way for some graphically impressive games to be crafted for both systems.

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