Analyst group EEDAR predicts that the system will cost "between $299 to $349" for the Wi-Fi only model, adding that it will "not exceed $399 in the United States". The firm furthers that some regions may not see the 3G model of the NGP at all, stressing that 62 to 72 percent of iPads sold in North America are Wi-Fi only. EEDAR anticipates 3G demand will be higher in Europe and Asia, though it points out that the mobile Internet service will not be suitable for online gaming due to large downloads. The firm expects 3G will be used for social functions.

In addition to hardware costs, EEDAR posits that software, both downloadable and retail, will cost between $40 and $50. The report adds that "the initial 18 months will produce significant hardware and software sales to support profitability for third?party publishers". As for the success of the device, the firm believes NGP will "handsomely surpass sales of its predecessor, the PSP," though the report stresses that success will hinge on third-party support and competitive pricing.