Medal Of Honor on PlayStation 3 Hands-On Impressions.

We actually think there's a lot to like about it. But at the same time, it's so very familiar. The game doesn't appear to have any personality of its own; and while it's certainly beyond competent, it's also agonisingly akin to Call Of Duty.

Our 16-player hands-on demo saw us checking out the game's team deathmatch component. There were three unique classes to choose from at the spawn screen, ranging from typical soldier to sniper. We opted for a ground-troop with an SMG and entered the battle.

Visually the multiplayer is satisfying - our match took place in a bombed out market square, with plenty of open roof-tops for vantage points and sniping. There's a Battlefield look to the multiplayer, but the gameplay is more akin to the pacing of Call Of Duty. The map felt small and claustrophobic, and as such we always felt part of the action.

The gunplay was also decent. Weapons had a satisfying kick to them, while hit-detection was responsive and tight.

The problem with Medal Of Honor is that it fails to carve out a unique selling point of its own. While it's hard to get a taste for the multiplayer in a single 10-minute round, the inspirations are clear from the outset. It's Call Of Duty with a different name. It's likely to be a competent Call Of Duty too. But with Black Ops bringing so much to the table with its multiplayer component, its hard to see the game carving out a long-standing niche of its own.

Hopefully the single-player manages to offer something different.