Ubisoft's On-Board. Other Major Publishers Are On-Board. This Is Happening.

We'll say this much — don't believe the hate and scepticism and try it for yourself. Our demo honestly blew us away. It's incredible. We're not sure what's shaping people's dislike for the movement, but whatever. We went into our demo expecting very little (because everyone hates it, right?) but came out convinced that the tech's the future. Seriously, it's that good.

And Ubisoft agree. Their UK marketing boss Murray Pannel told Eurogamer that the company are "big fans" of 3D.

“We were the first publisher to create a proper 3D game with Avatar last year. Ahead of its time in many ways because the technology was in its infancy and you couldn’t buy 3D TVs at all.

“The truth is I think it is a technology that’s coming. We can’t ignore it. It’ll start slowly this year. But like HDTV I wouldn’t rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone’s living room in three year’s time, and for us to be in a position to have content that could really look absolutely amazing in 3D.”

We think he's being a bit forthright with his prediction, but we certainly believe that every TV will be 3D compatible in three years time. We think it's unlikely you'll be able to buy a television by that time without getting 3D support in some form. And that's awesome. We're excited to see where this tech goes. We understand why people might be sceptical about upgrading their TV now, but what's nice is that Sony are planning a catalogue of content that will support it early. By the time you do choose to upgrade, there's no doubt you'll own plenty of content playable in the extra dimension.