The game's being worked on alongside the already announced DIRT sequel. Get in - the more caps-locked four-letter racing franchises from Codies the better.

The news comes from Codemasters' SVP of production, Jamie Macdonald. In an interview with Develop, the Codies man revealed:

“We’ve got a major launch with F1 coming up in September and developed at our Birmingham studio and we hope to draw new IP from there. Our Guildford studio is working hard on Bodycount, and we will be looking to to take that franchise further and further with the addition of more IP.

“In Southam it’s full steam ahead with the next iteration in our Flashpoint series, as well as the next Dirt and Grid. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.”

So yes, we neglected to mention, there's also a new Operation Flashpoint in the works. Well, the last one wasn't terrible, so fair play. We're just not half as hyped about that as new DIRT and GRID titles. Eeee!