Not many games this week, although the US is getting a handful of releases Europe got last week. Let's look at the picks then...

PushSquare's PlayStation Pick Of The Week: Hot Shots/Everybody's Tennis [US/EU]

The Everybody's (or Hot Shots depending on your neck of the woods) franchise always delivers. After some hands-on time with the demo, we're pretty sure that reputation's not going to falter with Everybody's Tennis. With solid tennis action, RPG elements, and a stock-pile of customisation goodies, this is just the type of PSP relief we've been looking for.


The completely overlooked (but actually rather good) Singularity comes to the US this Tuesday, as does the naughtiest of teddy-bears, Naughty Bear. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 also lands in the land of America, on both the PSP and PS3.

Whadda're Ya Buyin'?