It Is Going To Rain Some In Yakuza 5 By The Looks Of All Those Umbrellas.

Japan gets Yakuza 4 this month. And guess what? SEGA's just announced Yakuza 5.

SEGA announced the game at a press event in Tokyo last night. The trailer SEGA showed starts with a shot of Yakuza's Kamurocho night-spot, followed by the words, "A young guy appeared in Kamurocho. The young guy knew it, the weight of the crimes he continued to commit. However the young guy didn't know it yet. A cruel fate awaited him. And thus the young guy knew: battle is my destiny."

The introduction of a new character is leading many to suggest that the game will be somewhat of a reboot without protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

<span>We've still got our fingers crossed for Yakuza 4 hitting the West. It's certainly too early for us to get excited about Yakuza 5.